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sistemas de seguridad  basados en inteligencia artificial

At SiteOne we use technology to PREVENT crime from taking place

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camaras  de seguridad, sistemas de seguridad con inteligencia artificial, guardias virtuales

We provide the future of security

Security Systems

Remote Surveillance

Intrusion Prevention



About SiteOne


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camaras  de sefuridad, guardia de seguridad, guardia virtual, sistemas de vigilancia

SiteOne specializes in providing high-tech security solutions that are reliable and effective and that will actually PREVENT crime from taking place. Our wide range of virtual guard services are designed to give you peace of mind wherever you are.

camaras  de sefuridad, guardia de seguridad, guardia virtual, sistemas de vigilancia
camaras  de sefuridad, guardia de seguridad, guardia virtual, sistemas de vigilancia

Industrial Parks

An Indsutrial Park is like a small city and has a lot of needs. Protecting perimeters, monitoring intersections, controlling speed limits, LPR control for black lists and other gate services, access to evidence that can help to protect more effectively while reducing security costs are some of the advantages our solutions provide

Commercial Security

SiteOne security professionals will help you determine what type of solution will meet your needs and fit your budget, on an "As a Service" scheme for a monthly subscription service in which we include: Hardware, Software , Cloud, Support and Maintenance, ensuring a 99.99 SLA in service availability so that your system is always functional.

Residential Security

Residential or condos, often multi-family buildings in urban areas, have unique needs. The protection of access doors and entrances, perimeter control, monitoring of common and recreational areas, among others, are some of the areas where we apply Security with AI in order to prevent any situation from taking place.

Property Management

Our services allow property managers to do the things that maintain and enhance the property and protect the owners interests rather than spending time filling out police reports, insurance claims, searching video, cleaning up access control databases and upgrading old systems

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are designed to display new and used vehicles available for sale outside of the sales lot. With our Virtual Guard service we protect your assets and beyond being vandalized or stolen from the parking lot or lot, through movement patterns we use AI to detect / prevent any suspicious activity.

Construction Sites

Construction sites have equipment out in the open, exposing assets to potential vandalism and theft.
Compared to live guards, our Watch Guard with the use of AI can more effectively reduce crime on the sites while lowering the overall security cost and removing the human errors
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SiteOne Security S.A. Plaza Roble, Suite 212 San José
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