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Our Services

This is the full range of services we
offer from our 24/7/365 Monitoring center

Video Security

We have the experience and expertise to integrate a wide range of monitoring & security systems, we help you to design and implement scalable  security solutions that addresses your toughest security challenges.


We can demarcate a perimeter and  provide real-time response to any intrusion that is detected and raise the appropriate actions such as doing a remote voice-down intervention or engaging the authorities.


Our security-systems have the ability to detect any suspicious activity

and trigger an event that is verified in real-time by one of our security agents. 

Any area where a person lingering could indicate a potential security issue


We use AI to continually evaluate asset’s health, ensure maximum uptime and avoid catastrophic events; catch process anomalies that result in faulty products or mission-critical equipment


This service allows a remote operator to quickly and efficiently escort your staff, customers and cargo around premises through multiple cameras for instant on-screen verification


Using video-analytics we can enable automatic traffic incident detection such as wrong way detection, pedestrian detection, slow vehicles, stopped vehicles and dropped objects


By using enhanced Forensic Search capability, we make it possible to retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video instantly and analyze the scene so our clients can act faster and more efficiently to potential threats.

LPR and Gate

Our services integrate video surveillance and license plate recognition LPR to allow our clients to create white/blacklists and automate and control access for visitors, employees and residents at the entry point

Monitoring &

We provide a 24/7/365 Operation Center from where we monitor our clients system and premise and every event that is generated is received for a real-time intervention by one of our NOC security agents.  We PREVENT crime!!

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