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Live in peace, thanks to technology.

More than an urbanization, Bijao is conceived as a vibrant coastal community where the architecture, the amenities in Bijao are spread throughout the project, thus creating a circuit of events that occur throughout.

About Bijao Beach Club and Residences.

Maintaining control in a PH is a complex issue, but thanks to our security system we were able to cover an area that until now with human personnel could not be fully covered, now thanks to our virtual guards, we keep the area monitored 24 hours a day.


In order to provide a better stay, our virtual guards record each event and store it in our database, analyzing each possible unsafe pattern. This allows preventive work to be done, reducing all types of intrusions, incidents, among other events.


analyzed events

per day


​Days Without Incidents

or Thefts

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protected  Residences

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