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The power of living safely

OCC Consultores is a company that manages condominium complexes, private residential units and a rental program. With 100% Costa Rican DNA, we operate with an efficient approach and excellent customer service in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

About OCC-Consultores.

With vast experience in managing luxury beach condominiums, through attention to detail and commitment to standardized processes, our team has managed to build trust in our clients over the years, so that they can relax and adventure. in your Costa Rica experience while we care. and manage your assets.

Thinking about the well-being of the guests and members of each residence or condominium, it was possible to monitor and protect areas in which problems and different events were occurring that altered their tranquility.


Intelligent Social Areas, the term sounds a bit complex but with our HD image reception systems and great work from our SOC Command Center, it was possible to establish control over the hours of access to the social areas of each of the condominiums. . , controlling the entry and use of the areas, as well as their inappropriate use, the intake of liquor, among others.


analyzed events

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​Days Without Incidents

or Thefts

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protected condominiums and residences

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