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Taking care of our energy with technology


Founded with the purpose of operating, maintaining and developing the electrical transmission infrastructure in the country, ETESA has established itself as the entity responsible for guaranteeing the reliability and stability of the national electrical system.

About ETESA.

Installing a virtual guard in a power plant is crucial to reinforce security. This system uses advanced technology, such as surveillance cameras and sensors, to constantly monitor critical areas. In addition, integrated artificial intelligence allows early detection of possible threats and immediate response to risk situations.


This solution improves security efficiency, reducing the risk of intrusions and ensuring safer operation of the power plant.

Our HD image receivers maintain control and security in the electrical stations, reducing the incident rate to 0, the virtual guards and our Command Center (SOC) work 24 hours a day in the different areas of the substations.

The perimeter of each substation is in good hands, this is an important contribution to Panama City and each of its inhabitants who have safer electrical service.


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