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A gastronomic pleasure, with futuristic security

Maito Group is a chain of restaurants and bars, where they provide a new gastronomic experience in the city.

About Maito Group

It is a great responsibility to look after the people who enjoy the group's services, being one of the attractions of the city, this leads to also providing the best security options.

SiteOne Security offers the group technological security solutions thanks to virtual guards, which offer facial recognition, recognizing and selecting important and unwelcome people for the site, issuing alerts in real time when perceiving the arrival of important people, as well as people not pleasant


The security algorithm also analyzes behavior patterns, locating people in a state of intoxication and inappropriate behavior within the facilities,

For asset control we are a new solution, since no security system offers the power to have control of assets and inventories in restaurants, this being an advantage for the group owners.


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